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We supply high quality snacks, which are great as fingerfood for catering your small and big parties.

The Leading Provider of Tequeños-Cheese Sticks and Empanadas

Craving the mouth watering flavours of Tequeños-Cheese Sticks and Empanadas? Look no further! At Vezla Foods, we understand the struggle of finding these delectable treats in Australia. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to bring these culinary delights to your doorstep.

Our mission is simple: to distribute Tequeños and Empanadas all across Australia, ensuring that no one misses out on their irresistible taste.



What sets Vezla Foods apart from the rest? 

We proudly hold the title of being the biggest and best Tequeños Manufacturer in Australia.

Vezla Foods sets the standard for excellence in Tequeños production. Our commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures a homemade taste. With love and attention to detail, we guarantee the highest standards of taste and texture, delivering an authentic Venezuelan experience in every bite.



Delightful and Satisfying Snacks for
Any Occasion

Our products are perfect for catering to small and big parties, as well as for enjoying as a side dish, breakfast, or appetizer—they are ready to be savoured in just 10-12 minutes in the oven or air fryer. But it's not just about convenience; our finger food is packed with nutritious goodness. The generous protein filling and thin, crispy pastry make for a delightful and satisfying snack.

Cost-effective, Fast, and Easy-to-prepare

Our Tequeños and Empanadas are perfect for everyone—kids, neighbours, or unexpected guests. They make for an easy dinner or light lunch, and they are sure to impress at any gathering. Our products are a simple and delicious way to bring people together and enjoy a truly special Aussie experience.


NSW, VIC you can find our Tequeños in selected Woolworths Supermarkets, and QLD in Independent stores, check our store locator.

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